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The black Castilian shoes are, without a doubt, the ones that give off the most style. Ideal for both formal situations that require etiquette and for casual meetings. Loafers have the great advantage that they are versatile and comfortable after various tests. They are made of leather and tinted in such a way that they are 100% natural leather. The variety of shoes are both the detail of the mask or the colored tassels on the instep. In the case of these shoes, we recommend the colored tassels if you want to show your originality and make your style your identity document. The design of these black Castilian shoes is perfectly cared for so that nothing or no one stops you. The best Italian leather and the perfect style to accompany you in your day to day. Never has a shoe been so comfortable and elegant at the same time.

Do you want your black Castilians online to be exactly what you are looking for? In that case, we invite you to compare different prices and styles to find the perfect pair of shoes for you. In Kerriman you have payment by Paypal so you can make your purchases comfortably and with maximum security.