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If yours is traditional, the brown Castilian “Karikole” are the best decision you can make. The style of these loafers is undeniable and for that reason they are not excessive or much less. With a 100% natural leather material, they will fit you wonderfully thanks to their personalized design. These shoes are famous for the so-called mask that is found in all of them and that gives them an elegant and discreetly original look. If your thing is not discretion but you are one of those who proudly wear whatever clothes they wear, try combining burgundy Castilian shoes with tassels. The tassels will add a fun and youthful touch to the loafers. In addition, they are available in different colors such as red, pink, blue, green, yellow and many more.

Make the most of Kerriman and its online comparator system when you go to buy your brown Castilians. You will only have to select “add to compare” and, later, make the comparison between several models. You will get all the information to decide on brown Castilian shoes in particular by looking at the price, the color, if it is with tassels or with a mask. All this in just a few minutes and with the certainty that quality is guaranteed.