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Within our line of summer footwear, the nautical line stands out, inspired by the use of yachts and boats from the eastern coast areas, it has been deriving its use to the combination of jeans or shorts and its use has been extended to comfortable footwear to wear on weekends. They were created so that it would not damage the covers of the boats and would not produce scratches, it is a shoe with a white rubber sole and with the best quality leather, in this case we have opted for the sprinter, a leather very similar to high-rise nubuck. resistance but that draws different tones on the skin making the footwear and the color unique.

Our 2018 summer collection of nautical, is mainly made up of 4 basic colors such as navy blue, moss green, maroon and the leather color that people demand in winter and summer. We wanted to bring nautical to young people betting on seasonal colors and in leathers such as split leather that offer a wide color, it is worth highlighting the mint green color that is worn this summer and that will not leave you indifferent since it is a striking color but at the same time elegant combined with laces in navy blue and blue, which is undoubtedly the color that we believe young people will enjoy.

With our collection we wanted to create a discreet but fun nautical with the KERRIMAN stamp that does not abandon the color but using the colors offered by this type of elegant leathers, in addition our boat shoes bear the indisputable stamp of KERRIMAN both in the red plant and in the exterior of the boat that has the brand’s shield engraved on fire.